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Is your car wash safe?

Absolutely.  We take our customer’s safety and the safety of their vehicle very seriously.  We have 48 security cameras throughout our facility, to ensure a safe environment, for you and your car.  We will also have attendants on site to address any need that may come up.  We use the most technologically advanced equipment and materials to ensure a quality and safe wash.

Is the wash safe for the environment?

Yes, in fact it is safer for the environment to wash your car at Scenic Suds than it is your own driveway.  We treat and reuse the majority of the water from every wash.  We also use significantly less water per wash versus washing your car in your driveway.  While washing your car in your driveway, the untreated water runs off directly into the environment, which can damage to the soil and contaminate local waterways.  Our run-off is purified and reused to prevent it from running off into the environment.

Do you detail cars?

No.  We do, however, offer free vacuums, damp and dry towels, and cleaners to all customers.  We just ask that these items are returned, so they are available to other customers. 

Do you offer monthly memberships?

Yes!  We offer a monthly membership for every level of wash offered.  Monthly members will be able to have unlimited car washes.  Members will be given a small sticker to put on their car’s windshield.  Every time the members comes to the wash, our system reads that sticker and provides the correct wash.  Members pay monthly by card.  Talk to any attendant and they will get you signed up!

What separates Scenic Suds from other car washes?

We offer the most advanced car wash technology… which includes the Buff N’ Shine. The Buff N’ Shine is brand new technology that is not offered anywhere else in town.  The Buff N’ Shine will remove watermarks left over on your car after going through the dryers, while giving your car an extra shine.

Will my truck/van fit?  What dimensions will fit in the wash?

99% of all vehicles will be able to go through the wash and receive an excellent wash.  High-top vans and duallys (two wheeled rear axle trucks) will not fit in the tunnel.  There will be an attendant to flag nonqualified vehicles.

Can my truck go through the wash with items in my truck bed?

No.  All truck beds must be cleaned out before entering the wash.

Will the pay station give change if the wash is paid for with cash?

Yes.  The pay station will give change in $1s and $5s. 

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, we offer gift cards.

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